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Have you been thinking of new hardwood flooring for your home? No other flooring system brings in such a degree of elegance and warmth as wood flooring. At Oser Paint & Flooring, we have a wonderful selection of quality hardwood flooring, and we would like to share a few things about wood flooring with you here.

It is a fact that adding quality hardwood flooring to your home can increase its market resale value, especially if you are planning to sell anytime soon. But, even if you plan to hold on to your home forever, new hardwood is still a great idea. When you visit our showroom in Georgetown, KY, you will find that we carry the best in wood flooring systems.

Our customers love finding 100 different wood flooring options when they shop with us. All of our wood flooring comes from Mohawk, a brand name that is known the world over as one of the very best flooring manufacturers. Mohawk has been providing high-quality wood flooring to homeowners for decades, and they have a selection of hardwood that covers all color tones from light to dark. They also have lines of wood flooring that fit into any décor requirement, thus making it incredibly easy for homeowners to find exactly what they want with ease.

At Oser Paint & Flooring, we carry both solid and engineered hardwood flooring. Our engineered hardwood flooring can be installed anywhere in your home, even below grade!

We also carry a variety of plank widths, from narrow to wide. The newer wider planks are trending as one of the most popular options in wood flooring. Wide planks can be used to truly customize any room to give that space a unique look that is undeniable.

If you are thinking of new hardwood flooring, please come by our showroom in Georgetown, KY and let Oser Paint & Flooring show you the best quality wood flooring systems on the market today.

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