Carpet flooring in a Georgetown, KY home

Your carpet buying guide

Like most homeowners, you probably have many questions when it comes to purchasing your brand-new carpet flooring. In today's post, we will provide a short buying guide that could help you choose all the best options for your home, so read along with us now.

Everything about your carpet

One of the things carpeting is most known for is stunning visuals, helping to create a perfect décor match, ambiance, and so much more. Choose carpet colors that match or complement your décor as well as your requirements for results that genuinely work for you.

If comfort is essential in your household, as it often is with toddlers and small children, you will enjoy this floor covering immensely. As the only soft-surface floor covering, you will find that floors are more comfortable and much warmer to the touch than hard surfaces.

Durability has never been considered a strong point in this flooring line, but modern technology now makes it possible to put these floors in even the busiest spaces. Some products even offer pet-specific stain and odor protection that keeps your floors looking better and smelling fresher, even after years to use, so contact us today to find out even more.

We can help you choose the best carpet

As a reputable carpet store in Georgetown, KY, Oser Paint & Flooring provides you with products, services, and customer care that can help create the perfect results quickly and easily. When you consult with our flooring professionals, you will be amazing at how smoothly the process goes, no matter how large or small.

We serve residents from Georgetown, Lexington, Paris, and Cynthiana, KY, from our showroom in Georgetown. We want to help you find the best materials for your floors as well, so visit today to find a carpet that will serve you for years.