Grey carpet installation in a Georgetown, KY master bedroom

What?s the right carpet for bedrooms?

There's no right or wrong answer to that question but, when you select any flooring for bedrooms, you'll most likely want something soft and warm, like carpet?to step on when you get out of bed. So here are some tips from Oser Paint & Flooring, your one-stop flooring store in Georgetown, KY.

High or low pile carpet?

Bedrooms are great places for shag carpets, a high pile rug. The shag has long, loose fibers which give it a soft feeling and a plush, cushiony feel. Although it's more challenging to keep clean, that isn't an issue in a low traffic room like the bedroom; with modern technology, these rugs come in an extensive color palette with both solids and multi-colors so you can have fun.

Another good option is Saxony Straight. Sometimes referred to as "Saxony Plush," this has a luxurious, velvety feel with densely packed fibers that give it a plush texture. With any plush, the fibers go in one angle and have a sort of reflective quality that shows footprints and vacuum marks, and, because of that, it's often recommended for low traffic areas like the bedroom.

However, low pile rugs can be just as soft, durable, and easier to keep clean. That might be appealing if you use part of the bedroom as a home gym or office.

Other good carpet choices include:

This has long (but not as long as the shag) fibers that are so tightly twisted they curl, giving the surface a casual, sort of messy look. Because the fibers go in all directions, they won?t show footprints.

Cut and loop carpets:
Fibers of various heights create stylish and fun patterns such as pin-dot, geometric, and sculpted marble-like images. They can also be soft and durable.

This has a looped construction with thick yarns and dots of color on a neutral background. Berbers have fashionable decor, and while they are available with many fiber types, the most common is olefin (polypropylene), a durable, highly stain-resistant fabric.

We'll be happy to help you when you choose flooring for bedrooms. We?ll also give you a free quote. If you live or work in or around Georgetown, Lexington, Paris, or Cynthiana, visit our showroom in Georgetown, KY.