Carpet installation in a Georgetown, KY home from Oser Paint & Flooring

Choosing carpet styles made simple

When you shop for your new carpet, you'll hear many terms, such as Berber, shag, frieze, low pile, high pile, Saxony. It's enough to overwhelm anyone, but our carpet store in Georgetown, KY, will uncomplicate this for you.

It comes down to three basic styles

Carpet 101 anatomy: All yarns start as a loop, attached to the backing like needlepoint. They either remain that way, i.e., looped pile, which has short tightly woven threads, with the ends unexposed, offering good support for high traffic areas.

A cut pile is sheared evenly, with ends exposed, giving it a sort of fuzzy look. This is an essential cut pile, and it's an excellent choice for high-traffic areas. A cut and loop pile is as it sounds, and this combination enables a large assortment of patterns and textures, often fun, with pin-dots, geometrics, marble looks, and multi-colors, all etched into the carpet. It's visually appealing, performs well, and the multi-colors often hide dirt effectively.

Now for the sub-styles

Each basic style has yarns of different lengths. For instance, there's the level loop where all the loops are the same size, giving the carpet a smooth surface. The Berber rug is also a loop and is most recognized for its neutral color with flecks of brown or gray; the yarns are also thicker.

Cut piles can be sheared into different lengths, such as the high pile shag with long, loose threads. The yarns can also be twisted in the frieze where they're so tightly wound they curl. Saxony is a cut pile, but the threads are more extended and tightly packed, giving it a luxurious, velvety feeling. Low pile rugs, which are easier to keep clean and more durable, come in a wide range of colors and patterns and are what you'll see in image-conscious, high-end offices.

You?ll have access to hundreds of carpet samples, all from different mills, in our showroom in Georgetown, KY. Oser Paint & Flooring works with homeowners and businesses in and near?Georgetown, Lexington, Paris, and Cynthiana. Be sure to ask about our free quotes.