Tile samples ready for a Georgetown, KY installation

Can you use the same tile on countertops and floors?

The short answer is no. Different tiles have different strength levels and other characteristics, making some better for some installations than others. Using the right or wrong tile for your project can impact both aesthetics and function. Here are some things to keep in mind when shopping for tile flooring in Georgetown, KY.

Know that floor, and wall tiles are constructed differently

A floor tile is thicker, usually less slippery, and meant to withstand people's weight walking on it. Wall tiles are thinner, and some, like the 4 X 4 square, can also be used on backsplashes, counters, and tub/shower surrounds but should not be used on floors. Alternatively, you can also use a floor tile on the wall or tub/shower surround. Check the label on the box and tell your tile expert exactly how you plan to use the ceramics.

Think about strength

The box is marked by class, indicating the level of foot traffic it can withstand. The best classes for residential use are Class 111 and Class 1V. Class 111, such as the highly designed, glazed 4X4 ceramic tiles, are built for light to moderate traffic, as well as countertops and walls. Class 1V, such as porcelain tile, which stands up to heavy traffic indoors or out, can be installed in every room, including kitchens, halls, entryways.

The other things you need to think about are porosity, the ratio of air holes to solids which impacts absorption. Pay attention to it, especially if you're installing in a high moisture area or outdoors, because the best bets are impervious or vitreous. Also, think about grip; tile can get slippery when wet so that the box will be marked with a Coefficient of Friction (COF) of .50 for residential use and .60 for commercial.

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