Step Guide for Your Next Carpet Renovation Project

Ready to start your next carpet renovation project? Learn more about the differences between carpet fibers and which option offers the best solution for your lifestyle.

Picking new carpet for your home can be a long and overwhelming process but you?re not in it alone! Ashley Phipps, an interior designer turned DIY and Craft Blogger, just recently went through the process of picking new carpet for her home and has laid out all of the steps from the initial selection process all the way through installation.

Ashley?s story starts with a problem many new home owners have: The ?stock? carpet that is put in by the builder or the carpet that is already in the house when you buy it is not carpet that you pick out yourself and therefore could not match the interior of the house or the needs of your family. Whether the carpet was worn out quickly, or in Ashley?s case just doesn?t match the interior of the home, putting in new carpet can revitalize your home. To read more about Ashley?s new carpet project click here.

Choosing carpet involves a lot of different factors but one of the most important is to consider your lifestyle and your family before you even go to a flooring store. Ashley is a great source of direction. She is a mother, a wife, a pet owner and an interior designer. She wanted carpet that could hold up against spills and wear and tear, but she also wanted something that was aesthetically pleasing and would compliment the space and the d?cor. Once Ashley had established what she wanted the carpet to do for her she found a flooring center and began her selection process.

The selection process is definitely not easy. There are so many colors, fibers and textures it?s hard to do it alone. That?s why flooring retailers like (insert retailer here) are so useful. Their trained and knowledgeable staff know all of the answers to your questions. Ashley wrote a tremendously useful blog post that lays out her trip to the retailer as well as her 11 tips for choosing new carpet. Check it out here!

After Ashley had visited the retailer, consulted with a salesperson and narrowed down her options she took samples home. It is important to visualize what your new carpet before you start ripping up the old carpet. Ashley took a couple of days to re-position the samples in different areas and lighting to see what would be her favorite. She decided on a color and was ready to install.

Installation of new carpet can seem like a difficult task but if you take Ashley?s advice on how to prepare for new carpet it can be quick and easy.

For the absolute best results and easiest process Ashley highly recommends professional installers. As she says in her blog Installing New Carpet ?carpet, in my humble opinion is better left to the professionals with the proper tools. I think good carpet installation is an art form learned over time and only done well with the right tools by experienced professional.?

Now that your new carpet project is complete, don?t be afraid to show it off! To see photos and read more about Ashley?s finished project click here.

Are you ready to start your next carpet replacement project? A great place to start is determining the right carpet based on your lifestyle.