Four Tips for Selecting Carpet for Homes with Pets

If you have a pet at home, you?re in good company. More than 85 million households in America include at least one pet, and for good reason. These fuzzy, scaled and feathered critters provide many benefits to their humans.

While pets of every classification and breed provide companionship, lower our blood pressure and just generally bring us joy, we can all agree that they are not much help when it comes to keeping our houses clean?especially our floors.

Not every carpet is up to the challenges pets present. If your home includes one or more four-footed family members, you?ll want to take extra care when choosing carpet.

1. First and foremost, shop for carpet with easy maintenance. Specifically, look for fibers that clean easily, so when messes happen?and they will?you don?t have to spend your days cleaning floors.

2. Since accidents are another inevitability, stain resistance is also a must. No one needs an unsightly reminder that Fido isn?t perfect.

3. Pets and odors tend to go together. But some carpets boast zero-percent moisture absorption, nearly eliminating pet-related odors.

4. And finally, all those extra feet running around can test a carpet?s durability. You need fibers that spring back to maintain a fresher look.

Just because you have pets, doesn?t mean you have to live without carpet. You just have to shop for the right carpet. Click here to learn more about Mohawk?s SmartStrand carpet, which was developed with pet lovers like you in mind.