5 Ways to Add Modern Farmhouse Style to Your Home

Picture Adding modern farmhouse character to even a newly-constructed or builder-basic home is easier than you may think. Here's a few ideas:

1. Keep your color pallete simple and soothing.

All white walls may not sound exciting but paired with furniture, decorative accessories and light fixtures in black, the contrast is stunning. The black and white combo is a no-fail way to bring the farmhouse look home. One of my favorite go-to whites is Glidden's Morning Hush.

Soft grays, blues, greens and stone hues work beautifully as well. The idea is to bring in colors from nature.

Picture2. Create harmony by using similar colors from room to room.

When I am choosing a color palette, I like to shop the things I own and love for inspiration rather than images online or in magazines. I want to make sure I feel inspired in my own space so it makes sense to draw inspiration from things that make you feel something: a piece of art, a favorite shirt or quilt. Gather a few of these items that spark a real feeling for you and you'll likely see that you've got a working color palette in front of you. We tend to be drawn to certain colors so if you identify those and use those from room to room, your home will have a harmonious feeling and beautiful flow.

Picture3. Use trim to add the character you crave.

There are so many great tutorials for framing windows and adding faux-shiplap to a space. Most of our homes lack these craftsmen details that were standards in old farmhouses but with a little imagination and minimal tools, you can create the look for yourself. One of my particularly clever blogging friends, Emily of The Wicker House, even added faux-planks to her enviable bedroom with a pencil. Yep, you read that right. A pencil!

Picture4. Use chalked or matte finish paint to transform builder basic features.

Matte finish paint (also called "chalk paint" or "chalked paint") is one of the best ways to get the farmhouse look fast using what you already have in your home. I have used matte finish paint in my home to paint my kitchen cabinets, light fixtures and oak stair rails. As I plan my upcoming flooring makeover, I even maxed my budget by painting my existing cherry-colored laminate floor in Rust-Oleum Chalked Paint in Aged Gray so I could use the money I allocated for that space to remove pet-stained carpet in our bedrooms. I sealed the paint with two coats of a clear floor sealer, like you'd use on stained hardwood floors. So far, it's working out to be a great solution until I can afford to have floors installed in that space.

Picture 5. Get the time-worn look of farmhouse floors.

I love a floor that looks like it has seen it's share of stories, don't you? There are so many great laminate options available now that give you that time-worn look without the fuss of hardwood. It is easy to install, affordable and simple to clean. This floor even features a nostalgic "skip-sawn" texture, reminiscent of when the wood was cut by hand.

Picture Do you have any tips and tricks you've used to add modern farmhouse character to your home? We'd love to see! Tag your photos on Instagram with #oserdiy!